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How to Activate PrepaidGiftBalance Card?

PrepaidGiftBalance is an online Login portal for the individuals who have the Prepaid Visa/Master gift cards. The principal focal point of this post is to learn about the Activation procedure of the PrepaidGiftBalance.

In today’s fast-moving world, having Prepaid Visa/Master Gift Cards helps in exchanges, and it has gotten straightforward and secure. Prepaid Visa/Master gift cards are generally used by individuals these days. The Prepaid Visa/Master gift card is somewhat similar to the Prepaid Visa/Master gift card. This post on PrepaidGiftBalance.com will assist you with understanding the features and activation procedure of the same.

Activation Procedure of PrepaidGiftBalance Card

To activate your PrepaidGiftBalance card, firstly, you have to submit a request for the card. After it gets delivered to you, you will get the user agreement and other card information to access the account. At that point, you have to get to PrepaidGiftBalance.com to activate it. Here are the steps you ought to follow to activate the account:

  • We appeal to you to please follow the below given steps cautiously to activate the account properly. 
  • It would be best if you went to the PrepaidGiftBalance website. Click on this link to follow up.
  • You should enter your card details as they appear on the screen activation page. Keep in mind to enter the details correctly.
  • Enter the card number, expiry date, and card verification value (CVV) given on the card properly.​ 
  • Snap-on the “I am not a robot” option and click on the “START SESSION” button to proceed forward to the next step to activate the account. 
  • At that point, you will be redirected to the “Create Profile” page where you have to fill-up all other necessary details. 
  • Click on the Submit Button, and you will receive the activation code of your account by email.
  • At last, check it, and your card is prepared for use.

From that point forward, the card is prepared for use. Users can utilize the card as per the card’s credit limit for the specified period for different types of transactions. There is a minimum monthly fee for the card that you need to pay. There are a few techniques for paying monthly card charges. 

We should look at the other significant part of evaluating the PrepaidGiftBalance account balance in the following area.

  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Provides you with proper security policies.


 The site is owned and operated by PrepaidGiftBalance.com, and is the publicly trusted trading organization which offers you the gift and Prepaid Visa/Master gift card services. Once you activate the card, you can handle and control all the card’s functions and features by yourself. You can review all the other details to get yourself assured.


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