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How To Replace A Lost Gift Card?

Have you misplaced your gift card or lost it? Or by mistake deleted the email which had an e-gift card? If this has happened to you, then finding your lost card can be a big trouble! A better alternative is to find another replacement gift card. The things that are going to come in handy is any kind of proof of purchase and knowing the right authority to enquire. 

Contacting the right authority:

There are three kinds of authorities involved in any kind of gift card program. To find a replacement for the lost card, you might need to contact two of them. 

  • Store: It can be a convenience store or a grocery store from where another brand’s gift card can be purchased. The store can only help in determining whether the gift card has been sold but it will fail to provide any details on activation of the card.
  • Gift card provider: The company which places the racks of gift cards inside the store and can tell the activation status of the card. It will not be able to tell if any item has been purchased by the gift card. 
  • Gift card brand: The name of the retailer that is printed on the gift card is the brand. In order to redeem the value on your card you need to visit the store of the brand. 

 After understanding about the concerned authority and figuring out whom to contact, the next major step is to provide a proof of purchase. After you have located the proof of purchase, you need to contact a customer representative who will assist you in replacing your lost card. 

Step 1: Proof of purchase:

For a hassle free replacement of your lost or stolen gift card, retaining the gift card number or any document related to the purchase is a necessary. There are five options by which you will be able to replace your card.

  1. Activation receipt: An activation receipt can contain the date and time of the purchase, the value of the gift card and also the last four or three digits of your card. This receipt is provided on the purchase of a gift card.
  2. Store receipt: A store receipt is a piece of paper listing all the items bought from that store. It includes information such as date and time of purchase, value and name of the gift card. This information might be used by a customer representative to locate the gift card number.
  3. Bank statement: This is only valid if you have used a debit or a credit card to purchase the gift card. Since it contains the details of the purchase, it is helpful information for the customer representative.
  4. Loyalty card: A loyalty card that is used on checking out of the store, will automatically link the transaction of the purchase of the gift card. A reprint of the receipt can be availed upon showing the loyalty card.
  5. Getting a copy of the receipt: It is possible to get a copy of the receipt if you can provide as much information as possible. The transaction details such as date and time and the amount or the details from the debit, credit or loyalty card can be used to get a reprint.

Step 2: Customer representative:

A customer service person will be able to tell you if a replacement can be obtained for your lost gift card. All you need to do is provide the relevant details of the transaction.

Hopefully by following these steps, you might get a replacement for your card. However, the best practice is to keep the transaction details, the receipt or a digital photo of your receipt.  


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