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Fake instagram followers- how to spot them?

Businesses and individuals utilize Instagram to promote products, brands, and services. With over 1 billion active users, it is no surprise that many people wish to purchase Instagram followers to increase their popularity on the platform. However, buying Instagram followers may harm your profile and reputation if you end up with fake accounts following you.  Having thousands of followers is seen as a measure of success and influence on the platform. Brands and businesses are more likely to work with individuals with more followers as they believe they will reach a wider audience. However, purchasing fake accounts will not give you real engagement or potential customers.

If you look at the profile picture and the bio on the pages of fake Instagram accounts, you will be able to spot them immediately. Most bogus accounts use generic photos or stock images for their profile picture rather than personal photos like real accounts do. Additionally, their bio tends to be short and vague with nonsensical words or phrases such as “SEO expert” or “cryptocurrency trader”. These types of profiles are created solely to follow other users without providing any value. A red flag when it comes to spotting fake Instagram followers is their activity level on the platform. Real users tend to engage with others through comments and like while sharing content that reflects their interests and personality. The majority of fake accounts do not post anything at all, but instead follow thousands of other profiles in an attempt to gain visibility within the website’s algorithm by keeping up with other users. To learn more about buying Instagram followers, visit

Their activity level also reflects in how often they interact with your account – if you notice that someone follows you but never engages with your content (liking posts, commenting), then chances are high that they are a bot account trying its best to blend in. Real accounts tend to have a balanced ratio, meaning that they follow as many people as are following them. The fake accounts, on the other hand, have an imbalanced ratio with thousands of followers but very few (if any) profiles of people they are following. There are tools available online it helps you identify fake Instagram followers such as IG Audit and Social Blade. These tools analyze your account and show you the percentage of real vs. fake followers that you have. These reports are 100% accurate, but caution is advised.